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The Shihan School of Survival was founded in 2005 by Shihan Walter Evans.  

We offer programs which combat the increase of youth obesity, diabetes, violence, bullying, gang activities, criminal behavior, suicide, drug use, and other societal ills. The Shihan School of Survival teaches students the art of Jujitsu and Karate so as to inspire and encourage today's youths to develop and discipline their minds, bodies, and souls. We provide platforms for youth to express their creative and artistic abilities by allowing our students to perform their new skills at major theater houses such as Mahaffey Theater, Ruth Eckerd Hall, The Palladium Theater, and many other community forums.

Students of The Shihan School of Survival are exposed to new horizons by participating in major competitions and tournaments. They are able to learn respect, determination, and perseverance by practicing Jujitsu and other martial arts.

We welcome any new student who would like to work with us to develop and grow their mind, body, and soul  with our programs.

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Address: PO Box 213
Clearwater, FL 33755
Telephone: 727-641-0127

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About Shihan Walter Evans

Shihan Walter Evans provides opportunities for youth to grow, develop, and experience the world of Martial Arts, Self-Defense, and a life of Inspiration and Health.

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