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Shihan Walter Evans is the founder of Shihan School of Survival, Inc. in Florida. Originally from New York City, Walter Evans holds the title Shihan meaning master teacher. Evans started his martial arts training in 1969 where he earned the rank of green belt with Taekwondo instructor Atahi Lee, a 9th degree black belt from Korea. In 1971, he was introduced to Dr. Moses Powell, Soke Lil’ John Davis, and finally, their instructor Professor Florendo M. Visitaction.

He began his formal training in Sanuces Ryu Jujitsu in New Haven, CT and attended a few classes on Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn, NY. Shihan continued his training with primary instructor and Martial Arts Hall of Famer, Soke Lil’ John Davis, the founder of Kumite Ryu Jujitsu. Evans has been training in these three unique styles of martial arts ever since.

In 1974, Shihan Evans moved permanently back to Manhattan, NY, where he continued his training with Prof. Florendo M. Visitaction and Soke Lil’ John Davis while Dr. Moses Powell left New York for the Caribbean Islands where he continued to teach and spread the art of Sanuces.

Shihan Walter Evans admired all of his instructors and was very involved in exhibitions, seminars and tournaments. Evans received his black belt from Grand Master Lumumba Hernandez and Soke Lil’ John Davis at a tournament in Brooklyn. From there he continued competing in many tournaments, winning grand championships in Point Karate and Kickboxing.

In 1982, Shihan Evans competed in AAU Karate tournament that was hosted by Alex Sternberg at Yale University and took first place fighting. In 1983, Evans competed in one of New York’s prestigious, full contact tournaments held by Wai-Hong and his Fu-Jow Pai organization in China town N.Y. and Madison Square Garden.

After his fighting career, Shihan Evans tried his hands in a couple of movies “Urban Jungle” and “Snake Eyes” with Nicholas Cage. However, his movie career did not fulfill his desire, and instead he dedicated his time and energy to embracing the less fortunate and disenfranchised youth in the community.

Shihan Walter moved to Florida in 2000 and began teaching at numerous public schools and in after-school programs. Shihan tirelessly created community partnerships and collaborates with community organizations such as Life Force Cultural Arts Academy, James B. Sanderlin Center, Academy Preparatory School, Fairmont Park Elementary School, Child’s Park YMCA, Mariners Point, Citizens Alliance for Progress and many other community organizations, institutions, businesses, libraries and schools in the Tampa Bay area. He has found his calling in providing opportunities for youth to grow, develop, and experience the world of Martial Arts, Self Defense, and a life of inspiration and health.

Shihan Walter evens was inducted into the Action Martial Arts Magazine Hall of Honors for his Excellence in Teaching The Martial Arts in 2015.

Shihan Walter Evans promises to continue giving the highest quality of martial arts training to the youth and adults in his community.


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About Shihan Walter Evans

Shihan Walter Evans provides opportunities for youth to grow, develop, and experience the world of Martial Arts, Self-Defense, and a life of Inspiration and Health.

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